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Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast 
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 Immersed in the green between the mountains of Valle, in hospitable village of Taceno, is the B & B "AI PLATANI" with independent entrance.
A place where you can spend your time in peace, ideal for families, a serene environment and family that will make you feel at home.
E 'located in an area that offers the possibility to take long walks in perfumes nature; only 300 m. is the "Lake Pules" a small pond in which you can have fun fishing, a short distance there are ski slopes and bike path



Overview of room devoted to breakfast





Overview of a double room with bath and TV




Overview of a double room plus a single room with bath and TV


Economic conditions




* Prices per person MIN = . MAX = 3.00 . 35.00
   * The prices included a substantial breakfast.
   * At your disposal the garden, car park and placed motorcycle covered.
   * The rooms include a bathroom and TV.
   * Rooms are available by separate entrances.
   * The rooms are subject to daily cleaning.





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